Rose's Story

Rose* is fighting for her children’s educational freedom. After getting divorced and leaving a Hasidic community in Brooklyn seven years ago, Rose rebuilt her life despite great handicaps, but she is still fighting for her children’s rights. 

The private Hasidic schools her children attend provide a substandard education that falls significantly below national and state standards.  Rose’s hands are tied: her custody arrangement requires her to send her children to this school. New York family courts are notorious for requiring some parents to continue to send their children to substandard Hasidic schools after a divorce, in the interest of maintaining the children’s status quo. But this status quo is harmful and robs these children of the education to which they are entitled by law.

Three years ago, Rose initiated legal action to secure a proper education for her children. She hopes to convince the court, with substantial evidence of the school’s deficiencies, to grant her children access to a school offering an appropriate curriculum and a high school diploma. The Hasidic school her children currently attend does not provide the legally mandated subjects and will not allow them to graduate with a recognized high school diploma. 

Rose has already depleted her savings, cashed out her retirement funds, and received help from family members to cover court fees. She is determined to fight for her children’s rights and needs your support! Any amount will make a difference in securing a brighter future for her family.

*Rose is a pseudonym to maintain confidentiality for herself and her children.