Beatrice needs your help:

Beatrice is a dedicated mother who found freedom from a restrictive marriage in the Hasidic community. But that freedom came with a cost: the weight of numerous Hasidic leaders and community members fighting to deny her custody of her son.

Beatrice has been an outspoken advocate for reform in Hasidic yeshivas. Per a prior custody agreement her own son is court ordered to attend one of those schools where he receives only an hour or two of secular education each day.

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Beatrice does so much to help vulnerable Hasidic children. Now she needs our help.

Funded by the Hasidic community, her ex-husband is submitting relentless motions to deny Beatrice custody of her son. Her attorney fees are piling up. Hasidic community leaders have used this tactic to deny custody and alienate many children from their irreligious parents in the past. Let’s change the narrative together, one parent at a time. Help Beatrice save her son now! Every donation makes a difference.

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